Speaker Logistics

Speaker Information & Logistics

Congratulations and welcome to the Lean Agile KC 2019 official program. This Speaker Logistics webpage will serve as your home base for #LAKC19 information.


Should you have any questions regarding speaking, please contact Jenny Tarwater (jenny@blueshiftinnovation.com). Please also be sure to add jenny@blueshiftinnovation.com to your email allowed list in order to successfully receive all email communications.

See below for all information and instructions to help you successfully prepare for presenting your session at LAKC.


Please make sure you have read both the attendee CoC and the Speaker CoC. Please ask any questions about these policies as there is a zero tolerance policy against violations.


  • Registration (COMPLETE, THANKS!) – You have been sent the Speaker Code (and if you submitted with a co-speaker, the discount code for them). When registering, you will be asked to indicate your current intent for the conference attendance (1 day v 2 day). If you are not sure at this point, indicate both days. Should your plans change, let us know so we can release the other 1 day ticket to an attendee.
  • Speaker Schedule – The program is here. We will have paper versions available day of the conference, which will also be put on the website for download.
  • Social Media – We have started promoting sessions! We encourage you to promote it as well! If so, please include #LAKC19 and/or @leanagilekc in your social media posts!
  • Hotel – We recommend the Aloft, Leawood/Overland Park. There are many entertainment and shopping options within walking distance. Speaker Dinner is one mile away. The conference is a 15 minute drive. We do not have a discount code.
  • Speaker Appreciation Dinner (Monday evening, location TBD) – We really hope you can join! A separate Eventbrite was sent.


  • COC – Another reminder to adhere to the Speaker Code of Conduct.
  • Twitter – We suggest putting your Twitter handle and the conference hashtag #LAKC19 on each slide. Some participants want to tweet during presentations, and this makes it easier for them to find you!
  • Sharing your content – We encourage, but do not require speakers to share their content. You can do this one of two ways. Please remove any confidential information, or anything you don’t want shared publicly (e.g. IP).
    • If you host your content somewhere like SlideShare, Google Drive, etc.:
      • Log back into Sessionize. You will see a field for “presentation” and you can add the URL there.
      •  Just send Jenny@blueshiftinnovation.com the link and I will add it or give to Jenny at conference.
    • Or, if you don’t host your presentation elsewhere, we can! Just send Jenny@blueshiftinnovation.com your PDF, which we will post on our website.


  • The conference is at KU Edwards Campus, 12600 S Quivira Rd, Overland Park, KS 66213. The conference includes 250 attendees, including volunteers and speakers.
  • Review the Attendee Logistics Page.
  • There is ample parking – follow the signs for the BEST building.
  • Breakfast, lunch and happy hour provided!
  • The speaker room is located at Rm245.
    • There will be water and light refreshments available throughout the day.
    • Basic supplies will be available – post it notes, sharpies, flip charts. Help yourself.
    • Please contact Jenny 816-213-3260 for last minute items, we’ll see what we can do!
  • There are no printing capabilities at the venue, please plan ahead.
  • We are really hoping you stay and enjoy the other talks, OpenKC sessions and Happy Hour.


  • Room assignments are listed on the schedule. Pictures of rooms are here.
  • All rooms have standard size display not widescreen. 2019 UPDATE: KU Edwards has updated the rooms. They are HD/widescreen now!
  • VGA and HDMI connections are available as well as an audio jack.
  • We recommend testing your laptop in your room during breakfast, lunch, or break prior to your session.
  • A/V support is available from the venue, but they do need to be called in, so expect a delay if you need help.


  • Presentation Feedback – The conference will supply feedback forms that will be distributed to all attendees in your session. Volunteers will distribute and collect these forms at the end of your session. Following your session, you can stop by the registration desk to view your session feedback before leaving. Lean Agile KC will keep the original feedback forms, but you will receive an email with the results within one month of the conference.
  • Sharing Material – Attendees appreciate you sharing your material with them!!! You can upload your material to Sessionize (look at your dashboard and in your talk details there is a place where you can add a URL to where ever you host the material). If you don’t host anywhere, LAKC can do that for you. Send me your presentation to me (Google Drive or Dropbox work well!). You can do this now, or after your talk. I will also have a USB drive at the conference if you want to give it to me that way. You are not obligated to share, you may choose not to for whatever reason. Again, reach out with questions.

Thanks! Looking forward to LAKC19!